Ashbury AU60 Oak Baritone Ukulele

My Ashbury Oak
or is it Ash?

Gremlin Ashbury indonesian Baritone Ukulele
ashbury oak or ash laminate baritone ukelele back
Gremlin Ashbury laminate Baritone Ukulele
It has GHS strings on and is tuned D~G~B~E
The D and G are wound



Ashbury AU60

Ashbury is the brand name importer Gremlin Music give to their higher standard range of "Folk" Instruments, (the lower standard is called Blue Moon). When I brought this it was labelled by them as Oak but I see that it is now labelled as Ash but using the same publicity photo. I'll carry on saying Oak for the top veneer, but Ash would be the more common and obvious choice for a Ukulele, so I suspect that one day I will have to revise this to Ash. Whatever wood it is, it is a lovely golden colour with a pretty, open grain, (it is however only the top layer of a fully laminate body)

This is the first Baritone I got and is still my favourite for acoustic tone. It was not expensive for a Baritone, but it is fairly well made, the laminate veneer has chipped a bit on the back but this was partly my fault - when hanging instruments on a wall always make sure there is enough clearance and if necessary put some kind of soft padding behind the instrument! Other than that it is quite solid and as I say sounds lovely. It also came with a reasonable padded gigbag

This model is made in Indonesia rather than the more common option for importers, of China.