The Baritone has a scale length of between 46 and 54 cm (18 - 21 inches) generally 50cm (20in). The Baritone was developed in the late 1920's or 1930's on the back of the fashion for multi-instruments, (like the Octaphone), however it wasn't called a Baritone until 1947 when both Vega and Favilla claimed to invent it. The Baritones usual tuning is not reentrant and is DGBE like a Guitars rather than the gCEA Ukulele standard, (Of course you can change this if you want but then its really a Jumbo Tenor). Anything bigger than a Baritone is not usually a Ukulele, more often than not its a Tenor Guitar, however there is a 21st century push on making Ukulele style instruments up to 66 cm (26in) scale with the wider Ukulele like neck, (at the moment this is more often referred to as "Long Scale" rather than "Bass Scale" but I have heard that too).

Here are all my Baritone Ukuleles
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K and K (of New York) Baritone
K & K New York

Clearwater Roundback Spruce Electro-Ac​oustic Baritone
Clearwater Roundback

Ashbury AU60 Oak Acoustic Baritone
Ashbury AU60

Koloa High Gloss Mahogany Acoustic Baritone
Koloa 600

Korala Koa Cutaway Electrio-Acoustic Baritone

Blue Moon f Hole Mandolin pear Acoustic Jumbo Tenor
Blue Moon ƒ Hole

Chinese Caramel acacia koa solid baritone Ukulele
Caramel CB204
Skylark Paddle Acoustic Jumbo Tenor
Skylark Paddle
Eleuke BCP-T steel strung Baritone
Eleuke BCP-T
Freshman chinese laminate Ebony
Freshman Ebony
Maya Acoustic Baritone circa 1972
Bushman eastmansong Jenny cutaway Baritone ukulele
Bushman Eastmansong