A scale length of between 46 and 54 cm (18 - 21 inches) generally 50cm (20in). Here are all my Baritone Scale Ukuleles

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K and K (of New York) Baritone
K & K New York

Clearwater Roundback Spruce Electro-Ac​oustic Baritone
Clearwater UCW7B

Ashbury AU60 Oak Acoustic Baritone
Ashbury AU60

Koloa High Gloss Mahogany Acoustic Baritone
Koloa KU650

Korala Koa Cutaway Electrio-Acoustic Baritone
Korala UKB-40

Blue Moon f Hole Mandolin pear Acoustic Jumbo Tenor
Blue Moon ƒ Hole

selcol skiffle plastic baritone ukulele
Selcol Skiffle

Chinese Caramel acacia koa solid baritone Ukulele
Caramel CB204
Skylark Paddle Acoustic Jumbo Tenor
Skylark Paddle
Eleuke BCP-T steel strung Baritone
Eleuke BCP-T
Freshman chinese laminate Ebony
Freshman Ebony
Maya Acoustic Baritone circa 1972
Bushman eastmansong Jenny cutaway Baritone ukulele
Bushman Eastmansong