Robert HeadFord bracketless Concert Banjolele

My Head Ford

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It has black Picanto strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A

(Bob) HeadFord Bracketless Banjolele

This has been on the "if one comes up at a reasonable, (read bargain), price" a modern bracketless Banjolele from the garage of Bob Headford in Kent, (Well I heard that's where he makes then - his garage; I know they are made in Kent). This one is in perfect condition and whilst it would have been nice to get the branded head, for the bargain price of this I can go without it. This one is a bit of a surprise as I didn't realise how short the ebay auction was set so I wasn't expecting it when it finished but being so short I was the only person who bid.

Now it's here I must say the HeadFord is spectacularly good - fat better then I thought it would be. It is Concert scale, very LOUD but with a good tone and a nice gloss black finish. It would have been even better with some fret markers, even if just on the side, (however one of, to my mind, the best ways to decorate an Banjo is with nice ornate fret markers so maybe I could get some of those fancy "tree of life" fretboard stickers and put those on?)