Concert (a.k.a. Alto)

The Concert has a scale length of between 36 and 41 cm (14 - 16 inches) it is usually about 38cm (15 in). Why this is referred to generally as a Concert size and not an Alto when all of the others go with the musical sizes I don't know for sure?. Whatever the reason it came about in the 1920's because Martin was finding that the Taropatch it had in its catalogue was disliked because of the difficulty in keeping 8 strings in tune, but liked because its larger size gave it more acoustic volume so they started to sell the 4 stringed version. This original still have the 12 frets to the body but these days they often have a longer fret board, meeting the body at the 14th fret and going further down the body than the Soprano
Like the Soprano there is a sub set which have a Concert size body but a Tenor neck to accommodate more frets, called Long Neck or Super Concerts, sometimes even Mini Tenors, however even fewer manufacturers make them than make a Long Neck Soprano.

Here are all my Concert Ukuleles
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Lake placid blue fender zuma concert ukulele
Fender Zuma

Paxphil Reso

Oscar Schmidt Bell Acoustic Concert (Alto)
Oscar Schmidt Bell

Butser Mountain Music Custom 'Deco Acoustic Concert Ukulele
BMM Custom 'Deco'

Ibanez Spalted Mango Cutaway Acoustic Concert (Alto)
Ibanez Spalted Mango

Aria ACU250 alto ukulele
Aria ACU250

Hollywood style 8 Concert ukulele

Beltona Type#2 Concert Resonator
Beltona Type#2
Stagg Stratocaster Electric alto ukulele
Stagg "Strat"
Northern Triangle Acoustic Concert
Northern Triangle
Lani LC55DJ Juniper Cutaway Acoustic Concert
Lani Juniper
Epiphone Les Paul Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele
Epiphone Les Paul
Peavey Jack Daniel's composer Acoustic Concert ukuele
Peavey Jack Daniels
Ammoon uc-kj05 Stripy Concert ukulele
ammoon UC-KJ05

Risa Bean Spruce Electro-Acoustic Concert
Risa Bean

Ohana CK65D "D" hole Acoustic Concert
Ohana "D" hole

Recording King Resonator Acoustic Concert (Alto)
Recording King AU998

Ibanez Talman Electro-Acoustic Concert
Ibanez Talman

Harmony Johnny Marvin
Harmony Johnny Marvin

Jeshing Frame Electric Concert (Alto)
Jisheng Frame

Boulder Creek Riptide UC-5NS Acoustic Concert Alto at Ukulele corner
Boulder Creek Riptide

Takamine GUC1
GH&S Sunburst Soprano
Sunburst Special
Laka VUVS6
Laka VUVS5
Windsor Long Scale
Windsor Long Scale
Ukulian Pumpkin Acoustic Concert
Ukulian Pumpkin
goya taiwan martin ukulele
Goya 53GCU20
dean ML black Satin concert Ukelele
Dean ML

bugsgear aqulele concert ukulele
Bugsgear Aqulele

fender52 telecaster concert ukulele
Fender '52 Tele

Snail Ebony Acoustic Concert
Snail Signature

Yael Peacock
Yael Peacock

Gretsch 9100
Gretsch 9100

Koa pili koko long neck soprano concert scale
Koa Pili Koko