Google Sites, where this site is hosted, is increasingly being phased out in favour of Google "New Sites" which is a vastly inferior product and does not have the capability to host most of what is here. Though Google say they will keep the old sites going they are increasingly removing functionality from them, for example RSS feeds, Third Party Apps and most crucially for this particular site Picasa - Again here Googles replacement for Picasa is a vastly inferior product that lacks a lot of the functionality of Picasa and is not fit for purpose

I apologize for the way this site is slowly falling apart and for the fact it is becoming increasingly impossible to update. I am actively looking for an alternative and once I find one I will port everything over to that. I hope you still can find things to enjoy and educate here 

Ukulele Corner is where all of my Ukuleles and other Chordophones live

Lets go inside and meet them