Regal Stencil Soprano

(was) My swirly Regal

Regal Stencil Soprano

Regal Vacationer

Whilst negotiating the price on the Pennant Ukulele and the intricacies of UK import tax, the conversation turned to how I like some of the other ones he had for sale, particularly a stencil painted Regal. A couple of days later having taken what I had said about tax in to account he dropped the price of the Regal so I would be under the import tax threshold if I invited it. With this level of customer service, how could I not?

The Regal is here now, and it's quite a fatty. When I tried putting it in a standard Soprano case, it wouldn't fit. Fatness aside, this one is in better condition than the Pennant, but doesn't have any tuners or a nut, (prior to buying it I knew about the tuners; but not the nut). I have a set of cream button friction tuners that go quite nicely given its cream coloured background so I've fitted them but it's still not playable because I don't have a nut that I can use. When I looked online for a replacement, I couldn't find anything appropriate so a new one will have to be made.

I'm not sure it was part of the "Vacationer" range, but it is somewhere around contemporary with that promotion and it has a simple but colourful stencil design like the Vacationer Ukuleles I have seen so I will call it one unless I can find out for sure it's not.

Well I had the new nut made strung it up with a nice set of fluorocarbon string  played a few songs on it took a couple of photos of it and then tripped over and stood on it! Shit, Shit, Shit, SHIT!! This was a very nice Ukulele and I have never seen another with a pattern like it. Yes it was only and entry level model, but it didn't deserve this fate and its quite possibly irreplaceable, after all these years there certainly aren't to many of them left; and now there is one less