Kumalae type A

Kumalae Type A

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Jonah Kumalae Hawaiian maker on Lardy's Ukulele Database

from the 1923 Sherman Clay Catalogue
Straight grain Koa, three soundhole rings. – $9.50

Kumalae type A (no. 21)

This was mine briefly as I managed to get a number of experienced, (pre war), Hawaiian and U.S. made Ukuleles in a physical auction that was very poorly attended. Prior to the auction I had consulted the my Ukulele Doctor and he agreed to fix up the less loved Ukuleles in return for one of the Hawaiian made models, (as he didn't have an early Hawaiian model in his collection). The plan, (which came off perfectly this time, I got everything), was for him to have one of the Kumalae type B's as there was 2 in the auction and I already had one living at Ukulele Corner. When I managed all of the Ukuleles, and at bargain prices too, he decided he would like a second Kumalae as there were 2 type A's so he adopted this one for the price I paid and this now lives with him.

One day I may invite it back for a visit and take some better pictures of it.