(GodWillies) Lorenzo Acoustic Soprano Ukulele

GodWillies Lorenzo

bugsgear soprano Ukulele
Tuned g~C~E~A with the original strings, (possibly GHS?)



Lorenzo Offset

I first came across this Ukulele branded a Bugsgear, (the same people who own the Eleuke brand) and with its offset soundhole it reminded me a bit of their EA range so I did wonder about how good it could be, but they weren't available in the UK at the time. Then Normans Music started selling them with Fletcher, Coppock & Newman's Lorenzo brand name and as I had decided to get my old guitarist friend Godwillie a Ukulele for his birthday, (he didn't have one; and if he didn't get on with it he has a couple of kids...) this seemed like a good one to buy and try out.

This Ukulele does look striking from a distance. With the offset sound hole and the tapered cutaway it does look a cut above the average budget Ukulele, (I think). Up close it doesn't look so good, chipped paint, (fresh from the factory), poor glueing and a badly made saddle rather let it down. Playing wise, the tuners are accurate and hold tune. There is good intonation down the fretboard and even that very top g on the 17th fret all on its own works! (though I'm not sure how you would use it playing?).

The factory setup was good with a very reasonable action but on the down side the poor finishing lets it down, the saddle digs into your arm a bit and on this one with the nut poorly, (but securely) fitted, there is a bit that can dig into the chording hand when playing. (of course these last two faults could just be me because I have lardy hands and arms?).

Finally the sound, well its a bit quiet but then it is heavily painted and better strings would possibly help other than that is is OK. at least as good as I would expect from a Ukulele of this price.

To sum up the Ukulele is not bad, definitely better that some of the budget brands I have played and is reasonable for the money. The Dolphin is better (but a little more expensive) and my Mahalos are better, (but also all a little more expensive, and I have seen poorer Mahalos on sale). I think if you could look at it first you could probably find a better finished one but as a first Ukulele it fits the bill and if you decide you like playing and get a better Ukulele this will make a striking wall hanger.

And Godwillie loves it too