Regal Blue Label Soprano

(was) My Regal

. . . . .


Was tuned g~C~E~A

Regal blue label classic

I invited this Ukulele because, though I have some Regal made Ukuleles I don't actually have any specifically branded Regal and this one has a nice, complete, undamaged, (from the photo), Regal blue label decal on the headstock. On the basis of this I put in the opening bid, (its coming from America so with postage it wasn't that cheap but it was shipping through eBay's international service and was still cheap enough for there to be no import tax), but I wouldn't have gone much higher. Once again no one else bid so I ended up winning but in hindsight its not surprising no one else bid; and I may have bid too much myself. I didn't check the rest of it out enough thinking I would be outbid and in looking again I see there is a lot more damage than I first thought, especially to the back!

Now the Regal is here and whilst the split on the back is very large it is straight and clean so shouldn't be to much of a problem to repair. There are some seems popping on the back too but again it should be a straightforward repair. The front is not too bad either, certainly from a distance. yes the bridge has been off at some point and yes there are a couple of hairline cracks but as a mainly decorative uke it passes muster. If anything it's too nice a Ukulele, when I took it to the Ukulele doctor he fell in love with it, (I know doctors are not suppose to do that with their patients but he is a BIG Regal fan and has a number of examples of this particular model but not a red one. In fact he didn't know there was red ones and had thought he had all the colours, now he doesn't want to fix it because then I will take it back to Ukulele Corner. I'm sure we can work something out though, he has a good collection so there may be a swap? and after all it would be a good home for the Regal)

Well we worked something out, after all he does do a lot of work on my chordophones. He keeps the Regal and I get a Peavey Bass Combo Amp (I needed a bass amp because the little Fender combo doesn't like it when I put a bass through it and I would hate to think what world happen if I played the B on the KTone!) Hopefully I will have it back at Ukulele Corner so I can take some more pictures once it has been restored