Former resident Ukuleles

There are a number of Ukuleles that over the years I have had for a short while at Ukulele Corner but for a variety of reasons have gone on to find a different home elsewhere. While at Ukulele Corner I took some photos of them, did a sound clip and wrote some thoughts about them and their qualities

Here are some Ukuleles that have visited Ukulele Corner
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Regal Stencil Soprano
Regal Vacationer

Ashton Soprano Ukulele
Ashton Uke100

(My Brothers) Makala Pineapple Acoustic Soprano
Makala Pineapple

FDH Lorenzo Soprano Ukulele

1960's Chinese made Skylark Soprano Ukulele
Shanghai Skylark

50s Regal blue label Soprano

Keech type A Banjulele
Keech type A

Clearwater ABS
Thoman Bohemia Strundal tenor but really Concert Ukulele
Thomann Bohemia