B.C.Rich Warbeast 1 one electric guitar at Ukulele Corner

(was) My WaaarrBeast

Bass side
Treble side

BC Rich Wartribe

My WaaarrTribe

B.C. Rich Warbeast 1

I loved this Guitar!! The shear over the topness of it, the uncompromising poke your eye out pointiness, the whole unashamed wannabe Death Metal black possiness... I could go on waxing lyrical about how it made be feel like a teenager again every time I picked it up. I could also go on about how it was actually quite nice to play, it had a nice wide forgiving neck, (with dot markers down the side to stop you getting lost), reliable electrics, reliable mechanics and despite its shape none of it points stabbed the player so it was comfortable, if a little heavy, (weight wise not imagewise; imagewise it was very very 'eavy!) to play.

And I got a really good deal on it. I put a pre-bid of less than half the low estimate in an auction but it was an auction that no one attended; not even on line (well I did, but no one else it seamed). My pre bid was the only bid and the auctioneer accepted it, along with my very low pre-bids on a number of other guitars so they all came to the Pony Guitar Sanctuary at Ukulele Corner.

"I loved this Guitar" so why did I move it on? Well the electrics were fine but they could be better... As If! What it could do with is some vivid demonic red swirls to make it even more posey; and if it got better pickups well that a plus too, (but mainly the red swirls).

When I got the Wartribe I couldn't justify to myself having two very similar B.C.Riches so its moved on to posers new