La Casa la Guitarra Timple Canario

(was) My Timple


Vaulted Back

It had nylon string and was tuned G~c~E~A~d

La Casa la Guitarra Timple

I've not been to the Canary Islands so I'm not sure of the prevalence and quality of Tourist level Timples, (because that's what it is) From the photos the front looks fairly basic and possibly pine? (though I do think the way the soundboard meets with the fretboard looks quite good); but the nicely shaped curved back looks like there might be some reasonable quality? The Timple is the Canary Islands equivalent of a Maderian Rajao and may well have become the basis for the Ukulele had the colonists come from Spain and not Portugal. As it is though, you don't really get them outside of the Canary Island. In the Canary Islands however it is a serious folk instrument and there are some very good luthiers making them, (but I assume like with Ukuleles from Hawaii there is some Tourist Tat made to be souvenirs. Well I'll find out more when it arrives at Ukulele Corner).

It's arrived now and if this is sold as "tourist tat" there is a much better class of tourist on Tenerife than I suspected, this is pretty well made. The back is a lovely piece of work with a proper "Spanish Heel"and a solid soundboard, (still not sure if its spruce or pine though but it is soft. there are plenty of plectrum marks on it). There is a label in the soundhole that tells me, (in Spanish) that it was made especially for "La Casa la Guitarra" (the house of Guitars) in Santa Cruz. Now I have looked it up on the Internet and I can see that it is a proper music shop but I have found no information beyond that, there is no website for them, so I don't know if it was made by someone else on the island and this is just a rebadged item or if there is a workshop out the back and this was made in house? It has proper gauge Timple strings on, (though they don't feel particularly wonderful) and reflects the strange re-entrant Timple tuning G~c~E~A~D the stopping at 8 frets and then continuing fretless down to the body is a standard and traditional attribute for a Timple too

Alas this met a very unfortunate fate due to my clumsiness and I may keep the carcass, (it's unplayable now unless I replace the soundboard)/bridge and possibly some kerfing), to remind me not to be so damned stupid! Sorry Timple you were fun to play, sounded good, looked pretty and deserved better