Power Play Guitar

(was) My Powerplay KSP300
the "whammy bar" was in the draw

Cheap black Guitar
not a Ukulele at Ukulele Corner
cheap stratocaster
Steel Strung and standard Guitar E~A~D~G~B~E Tuning

My StarCaster by Fender
the "whammy bar" is still in the draw

Probably the cheapest knock off Strat in the World

This was a Bargain buy from Asda/Walmart, it cost £46 new; and that included a very crappy amp and strap that I threw away. The Guitar itself works perfectly though

The brand name on the headstock is PowerPlay and the model number is KSP300. This guitar was made by Changshu Xianfeng Musical Instrument Co., Ltd and it has served me well over the years as I learned to play. Now I can play (a bit) and I have other guitars, (even other, better black Strat copies), so its time for it to move on and help someone else learn, (or buy from me cheap and try to rip someone else off?)