Hohner Arbor

(was) My Blond Hohner
Honest and Glorious?

hohner blonde stratocaster at Ukulele Corner
Bass side
cream hohner arbour series electric guitar
hohner arbour 80s strat at Ukulele Corner
Treble side
Was tuned E~A~D~G~B~E with round wound steel strings

My StarCaster by Fender

Hohner arbor series "Strat"

This is the Guitar I bought at auction that was listed with the "Fender Starcaster" as a "Hohner Electric Guitar"

I have wondered what the symbols on this guitar were and whether they were original or not ever since I got it? After all, like the guitar they look very "eighties" Big hair, big shoulders and rolled up sleeves - the decade that taste forgot, (aren't they all?) Well I have just tracked them down and they were put on later, I found a place that still sells them. the top one is the Japanese kanji symbol for honesty and the bottom one is the Chinese symbol for glory; so pretty random? Neither attribute conveys anything I want to aspire to, (I never let the truth get in the way of a good story) so I will redouble my efforts to remove them and the guitar will look a lot nicer for having it done

Well I never did remove them or do any of the other little things it needed doing to refurbish it. Despite it probably being the better quality "Pony Strat" I kept the Starcaster, (well it is a Fender - of sorts), and sold this one on for someone else to start a Wang Chung tribute band