Epiphone gibson 8 string acoustic MM30 Mandolin

(was) My naked Epi

gibson epiphone a type mandolin
Bass side
epi arch back f hole mandola
epiphone sunburst acoustic mando
Treble side
Steel strung and tuned GG~DD~AA~EE

chord chinese electric mandolin at Ukulele Corner

My Newer Chord

Epiphone MM 30

What I have here is Epiphones A style acoustic Mandolin, but sadly it has lost its scratch plate at some time in the past. This loss is the only thing wrong with it though, (Well I believe it might need new strings too, but I do have a set somewhere), and doesn't affect to sound or playability at all. I also don't think it adversely affects to look. This clean front, along with the ƒ holes, (I'm a sucker for ƒ holes), and the, (I believe discontinued; certainly it doesn't feature in Epiphones website?) colour I think makes it look a little different from all of the more budget A styles about; and having checked out the prices for a new one it's not a budget Mandolin either. OK it's not a "Masterbilt" but it has a solid top and is made to a good standard so it's more than good enough for my skills.

It's here now and I don't think it needs new strings that badly, I can certainly play with it with the strings it has on, (OK I am never sure when new strings are needed unless they are broken or covered in rust). It tunes up ok but as with all Mandolins they are murder on my soft, fat fingers and too close together after a Ukulele! The chords are odd too but I've dug my mandolin chord chart out and one day I'll learn something more complicated than Sweet Home Alabama, (with the open G).

I will also have to look out for a pick guard with the big Epiphone E logo on; it doesn't need it for playing but for completeness...

Not any More!
In reviewing the Mandolins living in the Pony Guitar Sanctuary as part of having to move this site to the Google New Sites platform I thought that this and the Chord were similar in colour and shape but the Chord is much newer, and has a pickup, and has a pickguard!

Though tradition says this is the better Mandolin, I don't find any difference in quality between them and this would be more sought after because of its name. I was right about that as it very swiftly got an invitation to pastures new.

So Goodbye and good luck and I still haven't got any better at playing the Mandolin.