JHS Encore E99 electric Guitar

(was) My Encore "Standard"

jhs vintage encore les paul guitar
jhs vintage encore lp electric solid guitar
jhs gibson encore les paul guitar
Was tuned E~A~D~G~B~E

jhs gibson encore les paul guitar

Westfield Gold Top

My Goldtop LP

(JHS) Encore E99

This is a JHS Encore E99 which apart from the headstock and fret markers look quite a bit like a Les Paul single cutaway Standard (I think). Now I have tried a few times recently to get a single cut LP type Guitar at auctions including a big one that had 9 Epiphone Les Pauls (plus some other copies), the one I got the Dot, the Hagstrom and the Kramer in and another one today. Sadly they all got away from me so vaguely looking this evening on eBay I thought I would have a little look at what was there and found this one, collection only, but from just up the road, very very cheap and with only 24 minutes left on the auction. Well I thought why not? its closer than most and much, much cheaper than the other recent attempts so I bid and extra pound, became the top bidder and won. Now I just have to go and collect it, but its much closer than Bath - and maybe I need to think about getting another Guitar rack too!
Now it's here and it's better than I was expecting! I always thought of myself as more of a Fender type man but I don't know something about the Les Paul shape just feels more comfortable than the Strats or Teles. On the basis of holding this, if I was going to just get one proper electric Guitar, (rather than a collection of pawn shop specials), I'd get a member of the Gibson Les Paul family.
No case or gigbag this time but I did get a perfectly good strap thrown in; and I did have to put the scratch plate back on for some reason, (but I did get all of the pieces so this wasn't a problem).

Well I still haven't got a real Gibson Les Paul but as my favorite finish on a Les Paul is the "Goldtop" I have got a good (as gold) copy. So with not needing two Les Paul copies and space becoming a premium at the Pony Guitar Sanctuary it's time for this to move on, (I'm keeping the strap though)