Palatino ve500 electric double Bass

Slim's Slim Double Bass

Palatino electric Bass
Palatino electric Bass


It has steel Double Bass Strings and is tuned E~A~D~G

Palatino VE500 3/4 Electric Upright Bass

Ever had one of those days when a friend phones you up and asks if you can pick up a Double Bass for him? Well it happened to me!

Fat Mullet Slim of the Saltwater Rednecks fame phoned up and asked if I could collect an electric Double Bass for him that he had just won on eBay? As an honorary Saltwater Redneck, (which I think actually means Roadie) of course I said yes and in carrying out this task I learned two new and valuable facts. One Double Basses are heavier than they look and Two Double Basses, even electric ones, are a Bugger to fit in the car.

When I got it back to Ukulele Corner, where it will visit until I see him next, I remembered that I'm not very good on the double bass. I never know where to put my figures and I can't do any of that funky syncopated slapping. I also remembered that my little Fender amp is very frightened of Basses - and with good reason Still for all of my inability it is pretty and interesting and impressive and welcome to visit at Ukulele Corner any time