Former resident other Chordophones

There are a number of other Chordophones that over the years I have had for a short while at Ukulele Corner but for a variety of reasons have gone on to find a different home elsewhere.
While at Ukulele Corner I took some photos of them and wrote some thoughts about them and their qualities if I could

Here are some other Chordophones that have visited Ukulele Corner
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Latin Chordophones

2007 Rozini Estudante Brazilian Cavaquinho Cavaco
Rozini Estudent Cavaco

Canary Islands Timple
Casa la Guitarra Timple

9 Banded Armadillo Backed Charango
Armadillo Charango

Cutaway Cuatro Venezuelo
Venezuelan Cuatro


1986 Aria LW10Acoustic Guitar
Aria LW10
Walden G570 Natura
Walden Natura
JHS Falcon FG100R
Falcon FG100R
Powerplay ksp210 Guitar
Power Play KSP210
E-Ros Dakota
E-Ros 606 Dakota
JHS Vintage AMG1 single cone Resonator Guitar
JHS Vintage AMG1
strong wind guitalele at ukulele corner
Strong Wind


Hohner Arbor
Hohner Arbor Series

BC Rich Warbeast
B.C. Rich Warbeast I

The Cheapest knock off Strat in the world
PowerPlay KSP300

Encore E99 electric Guitar
Encore E99

Bowed Chordophones

Electric Double Bass
Palitino 3/4 Bass


Epiphone MM30 Mandolin
Epiphone MM30