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My Schitnasty Sheltone

x Top x Back x Under
Tuned g~C~E~A


FCN Sheltone

FCN Sheltone This model of Banjolele was branded and sold by just about every distributor of the time, and sometimes even unbranded, but the one I have invited was branded and sold by Fletcher, Coppock and Newman as a Sheltone. I have been looking for a nice example of this particular model to invite to Ukulele Corner, because it's the classic goto Banjolele of the 60's on. But ideally it would have the Shelltone branding, partly because this is the same as Brian May's (and he is supposed to have used it on some of Queen's recordings though I'm not a fan of Queen or even him, except when he is on the "sky at night"), but mainly because as part of the branding, FCN invented a special import and distribution company called A.L. Schitnasty & Co. Clearly this was meant to be a comment on their view of the Banjolele but also its meant to be a joke; and I think a good one. I don't expect it to be the greatest player but I do hope its not that Nasty and Schit. Now it's here and it's not to bad. OK, it's not a Ludwig or a Monarch but the 5 brackets do a fair job of keeping an even tension on the head and it's very solidly made; and quite loud. It is what it was meant to be, a nice little Banjolele for pootling about on and annoying the neighbours. what it does need is a replacement bridge though, the one it came with is perfectly satisfactory to use, but it is a mandolin bridge that has been cobbled into service.