Musical Instruments Specialities Co. standard Bajolele banjo ukulele with UKing tailpiece

My MISCo "Gumby Head"
Copper / Orange finish

elkheart indiana metal banjolele banjoette uking ukulele
maxitone soprano scale banjo-ette banjo Ukulele
It has Rotosound strings on and is tuned g~C~E~A



Musical Instrument Specialities Co.

Once again I did one of those - looking at eBay and seeing a nice, (in this case), Banjolele - about to end with no one bidding on it - a very low starting price and no reserve - bound to have a load of action in the last minute - but I'll still have a punt at the low asking price - things...
And then there was no last minute action!

What I have invited is a MISCo (Musical Instrument Specialities Co. of Elkhart, Indiana), metal body Banjolele in a copper finish; one of the classic pre war US Banjoleles! This one is the less deluxe version with the "gumby" headstock and no metal pan resonator, (but it does come with a contemporary hard case so shows it never had one - they didn't all). These were most often sold in the US under Bruno's Maxitone branding, and the Banjo-ette Elkhart, Indiana branding too but a number of people distributed them, (including it would seem someone in the UK but I don't know who? - maybe the case will give me a clue), and you do see a lot that were never branded. It needs a new bridge and the frets apparently need dressing both of which I can sort out so this should be a welcome new resident

It's here now and very coppery it is too. The case is on the used side, (and has no makers mark so no real clue to the importer), but it has kept the little banjo fairly shiny and bright. I don't like the strings much so I will replace them, but the skin is perfect so put on a bridge and even with the strings it came with its very playable.