Maccaferri Maestro Plastic Banjolele Banjo Ukulele

My Maccaferri Banjo

Maccaferri Mastro Plastic Banjo black Americana
Selcol plastic Banjo ukulele back
American Reeds Mastro Plastic Banjo black Americana
The strings are Mahalo and I give it a a~D~F#~B tuning when I play it as this sounds better, but I slacken it off when not in use as its old and fragile
American Reeds Mastro Plastic Banjo black Americana

Maccaferri Mastro Plastic Banjolele Banjo at Lardy's Ukulele Database

Someone else's with an original plastic bridge

Mastro Banjo by Maccaferri

In his efforts to cover all basses with his plastic instruments Mario Maccaferri, alongside Ukuleles, Guitars, Violins and the like, also produced a Plastic Banjolele under the Mastro branding with a "man made skin" Banjo head. I have seen alternative Mastro "Skins" with pictures that are even less politically correct

I have done what I can to restore this Maestro, I have replaced the bridge and strings, I have tried to re-glue the headstock and fretboard where they are coming apart but the glue didn't take. I'm reluctant to go too far as I don't want to end up with glue everywhere. It is playable; just, but the neck has bowed a bit over time so the action is very high and the skin is a bit slack too, but I wouldn't like to try and tighten it.

I think that age has done mine no favours but when it was new it was probably a better musical instrument that it has been given credit for