Fairie Queen

My entry into the great Perloid War

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Tuned g~C~E~A


John Grey & Sons "Faerie Queene"

I have managed to invite a nice pearloid John Grey Banjolele; it doesn't say "Faerie Queen" on it and I don't know if the resonator is covered in pearloid or not, but I believe, if it is one of Barnett Samuel's entries into the "Great Pearloid War" this is what it was called.

When it arrived I found that it does have a pearloid resonator; and the hoop is all covered in pearloid too. There is no doubt it is the same as the Faerie Queene, it has the same headstock, same tailpiece, 8 brackets, it just doesn't appear to have ever had the Faerie Queene plaque above the John Grey one? As well as the possibly missing plaque, there is a definitely missing tuner button and I am not sure I can match it so I may decide to replace the lot?