J.E.Dallas and sons Type B George Formby Banjo Banjolele at Ukulele Corner

My Dallas B

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Tuned g~C~E~A


J.E.Dallas & Sons type B

First, and the one that I was originally after, was a nice looking Dallas B Banjolele with the George Formby headstock and its original case. I'm no fan of the George Formby headstock, (apart from the one on the E's), but apart from that I'm sure its a nice London made instrument from the time Dallas still produced their own Banjos.The Dallas is in reasonable shape, it does have a dodgy replacement tuner, (or possibly three replacement tuners? I don't know which is original but they are all fairly old). It also has a big rip in the vellum so it will need replacing; as will the strings it came with.