My B.L.&F. Pennant
made by Globe

Barth Lutchins and Feinberg Pennant Banjolele
Globe Banjolele Banjo Ukulele resonator removed
Resonator Removed
It has Rotosound Strings and is tuned g~C~E~A

1927 christmas greetings on globe Banjolele
The writing on the pole

B.L.&F. pennant Banjolele Banjo at Lardy's Ukulele Database

with Resonator

B.L.& F. Pennant

The former owner decided she would pose holding the Banjolele, thus covering parts and not showing it very well, so hopefully there will be no nasty surprises! She also put the postage up way too high thus discouraging other bidders but as she is not far away I can collect in person and so not worry about the postage; thus getting it very cheap and Christmas coming early. Anyway on to the Banjolele - What I have invited is a Banjolele branded Pennant by Barth, Lutchins and Feinberg of New York, made some time in the 1920s probably by Oscar Schmidt, (can't be sure until I see the whole thing).

Now I have it and I see it was made by Globe Musical Instrument Co. not Oscar Schmidt. its also in very good condition and was made in 1927 - there is a little note written on the perch pole saying it was a Christmas present for E.F. Lorey that year - Well in 2014 its a Christmas present for Lardy Fatboy, (but I won't write that on it anywhere). As well as being in good condition with no tensioners missing, original tuners, original tailpiece and original resonator, it's very loud, (and very welcome to Ukulele Corner) Sadly the owner wasn't actually the nice young lady in the photos but her boyfriend :( Still he sold me a lovely Banjolele cheap so he's nice too)

The resonator on this is interesting as it clearly, from the little tack holes, was originally nailed directly onto the back of the drum so the central decoration was the main place for the sound to escape. I imagine this muffles the sound quite a bit so some time in the distant past someone took it off and reattached it with screws and spacers, leaving a gap between the drum and the resonator. I have tried it with no resonator at all on and it does give a very good tone, possibly better, certainly more forgiving, than Reso' on, but the tension rods are a little long making it uncomfortable to hold which is why I have put the resonator back on.