Standard sized, Soprano Scale Banjo Ukuleles (a.k.a. Banjolele)

John Bolander patented the first Ukulele Banjo (or Banjo Ukulele, or Banjolele, or even with Alvin Keech, Banjulele), in San Francisco in 1916 The reason for making them, like with most other plucked chordophones at the time, was to increase the volume pre electronic amplification. They succeeded in this aim but also gave a new and interesting tone to the whole concept of the Ukulele. This tone was brought to prominence in the UK first by Alvin Keech and the then prince of Wales patronage of his shop and then by George Formby one of the most popular entertainers of the time. Like the Ukulele it fell out of fashion for a while but has come back and taken its place in the current wave of Ukulele Popularity.

Here are the standard Banjoleles that live at Ukulele Corner
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J.E.Dallas Type B Banjolele
Dallas B