Excelsior Tenor scale Banjolele

My Long Scale Excelsior

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Tuned g~C~E~A


Excelsior 12 bracket Banjo Ukulele

This is a Chinese made Tenor scale Banjolele branded by Excelsior. Before inviting this I didn't have a Tenor scale Banjolele. Soprano, yes, and Concert, and Baritone, even a Mini scale Banjolele, but no Tenors, (though I do have a few Tenor Banjos but in Ukulele terms these are, with "Chicago Tuning" more like a big Baritone Banjo). Part of the reason for this is because there aren't a lot of Tenor scale Banjoleles about. Now I have thought about commissioning Wim van der Leyden in Holland to make me one, (and I still might?), but then this one came up on eBay at a very reasonable starting price, so I had a small punt, and no one else bid. nother thing that got my interest is Excelsior's base is very close to Ukulele Corner; I have even met with the owner, so I knew one day I would get one of their instruments; support the local business, that sort of thing.

I have it now and it is a Tenor with a scale length of 424mm, and though Chinese made it does come from a different manufacturer than any of my other modern Banjoleles, (Aiersi Sinomusic I think? I will have to ask the owner next time I see him), and whilst it doesn't quite have the quality of a Monarch or a Kemptone its perfectly reasonable, sturdy and none of the components feel "cheap". The only issue I've had is the strings, though good quality, (Aquilas I think), were put on badly and I have had to redo the A and G strings to get the right angle. I may have to do the C and E string too , i'm not sure yet.