Cig-R Guitars Soprano Canjolele cookie biscuit tin banjo Ukulele

By Appointment to the King

Cigar box biscuit tin soprano at Ukulele Corner
dundee cake tin soprano banjolele at Ukulele Corner
Cigar box Cig-r tin soprano canjoleleat Ukulele Corner
Nylon strung and 

Royal Warrant george sixth  at Ukulele Corner

tuned g~C~E~A
Royal Warrant  george sixth  at Ukulele Corner



Cig-R Guitars Dundee Cake Soprano

What this is, is an old tin that has been recycled as a kind of Ukulele Banjo, (canjolele). The tin once housed a Dundee Cake and it has, "by appointment to the King" on it, so Elvis must have eaten the cake that came in the tin? (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

It was made by a maker calling his instruments Cig-R Guitars and specialising in Cigar and other repurposed soundbox instruments. I didn't actually get it from him though, it's traveled about a bit more than that, (the actual maker is not that far from Ukulele Corner) so as a Canjolele its second hand but the tin has been around, certainly chronologically, a lot longer as its more than 60 years old

I have it now and it is very well made; far better than I was expecting, especially the neck which is a nice, well made D profile. The tin is very cool too, perhaps a little more faded than I first thought from the photos but it has a great patina and all of the logos and things are clearly legible, especially the "By Appointment" one on either end. Like the seller said, it is very quiet, but its loud and tuneful enough for messing about on and I don't want to mess about on it too much in case I damage what's left of the finish