Other sizes and scale length Banjo Ukuleles (a.k.a. Banjolele)

John Bolander patented the first Ukulele Banjo (or Banjo Ukulele, or Banjolele, or even with Alvin Keech, Banjulele), in San Francisco in 1916 The reason for making them, like with most other plucked chordophones at the time, was to increase the volume pre electronic amplification. They succeeded in this aim but also gave a new and interesting tone to the whole concept of the Ukulele. This tone was brought to prominence in the UK first by Alvin Keech and the then prince of Wales patronage of his shop and then by George Formby one of the most popular entertainers of the time. Like the Ukulele it fell out of fashion for a while but has come back and taken its place in the current wave of Ukulele Popularity, and whilst first time around the great majority of Banjoleles were Soprano scale, in the latest iteration there is a much greater variety of Scale Lengths.

Here are the other Banjoleles that live at Ukulele Corner
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My Concert scale Banjoleles

Bob Headford bracketless Banjolele

Luna Ulu Concert scale Banjolele
Luna Ulu

Rally Delta Blue DUB1
Delta Blue DUB-1F

Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele with an 11 inch drum
Deering Goodtime

gold tone little gem ruby concert banjolele banjo at ukulele corner
GT Little Gem

My Mini scale Banjoleles

Scheonhut sopranino banjolele Banjo Ukulele
Schoenhut Liberty Bell

My Tenor scale Banjoleles

Excelsior Tenor scale Banjolele

My Baritone scale Banjoleles

Gold Tone Closed Back Banjolele Acoustic Baritone
Gold Tone BUB

My Cookie, (or other), Tin Canjoleles

Cig-R Guitars Soprano Canjolele
Cig-R Dundee Cake

Biscuit tin Banjolele
Fatboy Special

bohemian guitars oil can banjolele electric at Ukulele corner
Bohemian Motor Oil

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