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I'm suppose to have retired

posted 25 Jul 2018, 17:04 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 27 Jul 2018, 17:02 ]
JHS Vintage AMG3 tricone Guitar
Puka Rosette Series Concert
there was a big (100+) Guitar auction today that also had a number of other instrument and musical paraphernalia. Sadly I had to go out in the middle of it and missed a number of bargain Guitars but I was there for a lot of it and I did manage to invite a couple of things including a JHS Vintage Tricone Resonator, (I know I have a JHS Vintage Single Cone Resonator, but I have always wanted to get a Tricone to hear the difference in sound) , a 24 track digital Portastudio and a
Drum Kit!!!
Alesis Lite
That's right an Alesis DM Lite electronic drum kit!! Now the last electric drum kit I had, I beat to death within a year because I was way to heavy handed but that was 30 years ago and electronic drum kits have come a long way since them, (and hopefully I have mellowed too?)

Then on top of all thing I had my offer accepted on a Puka Rosette Series Tenor Ukulele so that is coming too.