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posted 7 Jul 2018, 14:05 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 8 Jul 2018, 14:20 ]
Flying Wedge
Well to me anyway I like the different body shape, I also like the single pickup that's by the bridge in kind of a Gibson / Gretsch Jnr. position, but mainly because I don't know who made it!? Teisco made a similar looking Bass they called "the Flying Wedge", similar but this is not one. Eko made a Bass called "the Rocket", it's not one of those either. The headstock, bridge and tailpiece do look 1960's / 70's MiJ but I can't find anything that looks like this? I don't really know how old it is either, it could date from the 60's but it could, from the picture just as easily be post millennium? Country of origin, also a mystery, but maybe there will be more clues once it gets here?