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Trying to make it a Happy New Year

posted 5 Jan 2020, 15:58 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 3 Feb 2020, 08:21 ]
kmise tiger flame okoume concert at Ukulele corner
With a late Christmas present for me!

This is a Kmise, (and I have been looking at getting a Kmise for some time now to assess the quality and I have seen so many on sale) "Tiger Flame"(?) Okoume slot head Concert. I think Okoume is a pretty wood and this one claims to be solid too!

And it was spectacularly cheap!!

It's Here!

and it is spectacularly nice!!

Light, solid wood, (certainly the top), very well made, very very pretty,  and whilst I still think it's only marketing bumph, the back is quite "Tiger Flamey"