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This will be two new experiences

posted 7 Dec 2017, 18:27 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 4 Jan 2018, 06:54 ]
Harley Benton R-45 8BK Progressive 8 string Fan Fret Guitar
New Experience one is that the Guitar has 8 strings! That is 8 single string courses not some double string course Plectrum Guitar/ Mandola/ Taropatch thing. F#~B~E~A~D~G~B~E; this is the tuning I will be using, and new experience two is that it has Fan Frets!! That is right, the scale length of each string is different and the fret bars are not in parallel, or perpendicular to the strings. This is suppose to improve intonation, but never having played one before I don't know how tricky it will make chords; especially barre chords?.

The Guitar itself is branded as a Harley Benton R-45 and though it is new it is not coming directly from Thomann. It was put up on ebay, not listed as a Harley Benton, with a buy it now or best offer price and after a couple of cheeky offers my price was accepted. it was only then that I noticed while examining the photos that it was a Harley Benton and when I checked on the Thomann website I found that my offers were not cheeky, the original asking price was! Even with a substantial discount from the buy it now price I was still probably a fiver more than buying it from Thomann, (though with currency exchange rates and commission fees it may well have been closer), so not the bargain I first thought. Still it's not excessive and I do love the FAT, FAT neck of an 8 string Guitar, (maybe I need to look a a 9 string now?) Still no idea how to play it though?

It's Here!

And boy does it have a fat neck! The fan frets don't seem to get in the way when playing chords but like with the 7 string, the extra strings make it easy to loose you place when doing C and G chords