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This time the Oops is mine!

posted 28 Dec 2019, 15:31 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Jan 2020, 15:50 ]
palmer 5 string korean bluegrass banjo at ukulele corner
There was an auction which I put some low pre bids in on but missed because I was ill in hospital. They all missed except this one - a 1980's Palmer 5 string Banjo. Now it looks like a nice Banjo and by all accounts they are fine late 20th c. Korean made instruments, but the Oops is I misread and thought it was an early Alf Parker handmade Banjo, (there was another one in the auction). So it's not quite the bargain I hoped but its still worth 2-3 times what I paid for it and who knows maybe I'll work out how to play this one properly...

It's Here

And it is a good Banjo! OK it is missing a bracket, the bridge and it baaadly needs new strings, but I have a new bridge, I've probably got new strings and I think I have even got a spare bracket. What I don't have is the ability to play it but now this is at Ukulele Corner I will redouble my efforts.