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This could get quite large

posted 8 Dec 2018, 12:51 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Jan 2019, 07:07 ]
Harmony Silvertone player soprano Ukulele 50s plastic fretboard
Harmony palm trees canoe soprano Ukulele 30s
Ibanez artcore semi acoustic bass guitar
50s Hofner archtop guitar
Aria pro ii magna na-30r superstrat
Rossli flying v guitar beartone
olp ernie ball benji madden mm4 guitar
Having just removed the last posting about my efforts at a GH 3 day instrument auction I am gearing myself up for the next one during the week plus there being some ebay invitations I am hopeful for in the coming days; or I could be being overconfident again.

I can start with a 1950's Silvertone "Player" and a 1930's Harmony "Palm Trees"from ebay though

Day 1 of the GH auction and sadly the "cunning plan" for the alternative guitar auction didn't work but from GH an Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow Bass, a 50's Hofner Archtop, an 80's Aria Pro II Magna NA-30R, an 80's Rossli Flying V and an OLP Ernie Ball MM4, (Benji Madden Signature - but we don't talk about that just it's single pickup "Junior" style), accepted my invitation

Nothing from Day 2 but then it was only amps, pedals, cases and the like and I wasn't that fussed

Sigma c.f. martin 2 point mandolin ukulele corner
Hutchins double neck guitar mandolin ukulele corner
Fender telecaster acoustic telecoustic guitar ukulele corner
john Horny skewes JHS vintage banjo guitar banjitar gitjo ukulele corner
john Horny skewes JHS vintage bass guitar fretless ukulele corner
Semi professional charango ukulele corner
oscar schmidt new jersey soprano ukulele corner
Sherman clay california columbia soprano ukulele corner
Day 3 and I only got the Sigma 2 point Mandolin from GH, everything else I was interested in refused my invitation

But there was another auction going on elsewhere at the same time and whilst like on day 1 it wasn't as poorly attended as I'd hoped, it didn't go too badly. OK all of the Ukuleles refused my invitation, (and so did the full size Double Bass; which was certainly a blessing for my car!) I did invite a Hutchens Guitar Mandolin double neck, a Fender Telecoustic, a JHS Vintage Banjitar, a JHS Vintage fretless Bass (that I felt sorry for, because no one else wanted it; and this is the Pony Guitar Sanctuary after all), and a Charango

The to finish off two more US lovelies from eBay, a New Jersey Oscar Schmidt and a Californian Sherman Clay Columbia

That's probably all for quite a while! (Or until the next "bargin" comes up on eBay!!

They're all Here!!

The artcore Bass badly need re-varnishing (that will be fun?) the Sigma is missing 2 tuner buttons, the New Jersey OS might not be? and badly needs the frets dressing, the Silvertone player picture doesn't line up with the bridge, (not due to the bridge being replaced or reattached, just slapdash work and poor QC from Harmony at the time) but despite a few issues they are all lovely and welcome at Ukulele Corner