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Things I always said I'd get one day...

posted 28 Aug 2018, 09:07 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Sep 2018, 14:09 ]
musima banjolele
Gretsch 9100
MFC Firefly
Duke Kahanamoku
a life?   One day
a Job?   Perish the thought
a good haircut?    hmmm?
a pre war Martin 5k?   not yet but...
a Musima Ukulele Banjo?  ♥
a Gretsch Ukulele from the new "roots" range   ♥
a Fluke Firefly?  ♥
a Duke Kahanamoku souvenir Soprano?   ♥
the ability to spell Kahanamoku without having to look it up?   maybe soon?
the ability to pronounce Kahanamoku?    no chance. Still some of the good old stalwarts coming to Ukulele Corner; and who knows the 5k could still come?