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Things I always said I'd get one day...

posted 28 Aug 2018, 09:07 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 9 Oct 2018, 15:24 ]
musima banjolele
Gretsch 9100
MFC Firefly
Duke Kahanamoku
a life?   One day
a Job?   Perish the thought
a good haircut?    hmmm?
a pre war Martin 5k?   not yet but...
a Musima Ukulele Banjo?  ♥
a Gretsch Ukulele from the new "roots" range   ♥
a Fluke Firefly?  ♥
a Duke Kahanamoku souvenir Soprano?   ♥
the ability to spell Kahanamoku without having to look it up?   maybe soon?
the ability to pronounce Kahanamoku?    no chance. Still some of the good old stalwarts coming to Ukulele Corner; and who knows the 5k could still come?

They're all Here

Although the duke has had some kind of mishap on the way here and the neck has come clean off from the body. (I'm sure there is a surfing term for it but I can only think of wipe out and I don't think that is right?) By clean I do mean clean, no cracks, no splits nothing like that at all so it should (hopefully) be an easy job to stick it back on then at least I can play wipe out

The Firefly like all of the MFC range sounds far better that the fairly basic looks and build would imply. They always look expensive for what they appear to be but they are very playable and if you shut your eyes the sound is certainly worth it.

The same with the Musima too, but in the opposite way. That is they look more expensive than they generally are but are a little disappointing when it comes to playing them? Could be the horrible string that are on it? Anyway it does look the part and they never were that expensive.

The Gretsch is worthy of the name, it is a good quality mid range instrument and I'm glad I got one.

No 5k yet though; or job; or haircut and I still can't spell Kahanamoku either!