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The American Invasion continues

posted 21 Jun 2018, 00:50 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 29 Jul 2018, 05:56 ]
L+H Camp
Keith Urban Tenor
I have had a bit of success on eBay recently, bidding on Ukuleles that are "over the pond" in Trumpsilvania. What I have invited is, from left to right, a 1951 Regan Soprano, a 1924 Lyon & Healy "Camp"Soprano, a probably Regal, (or possibly Slingerland?) made Manhattan Band Instrument Co. "Winner" Soprano and a 2017 Keith Urban, (his own brand), Tenor.

They're here!

Well it is a long way to come, but they are all safely in the Corner.
The Lyon & Healy Camp has a small crack on the top and some very old nylon strings, ((which I am tempted to replace but in themselves they are ok and they do give a nice tone). The monkeypod is a nice wood and even though this isn't supposed to be the top L&H brand, the craftsmanship is excellent

The Winner is a little more damaged, one of the top braces has come off and the is some seem splitting. I'm not convinced about the authenticity of the sound hole decal but the others are very nice and definitely original

The Regan is perhaps a bit plain and of interest only to a geek like me, but Ukulele Corner is hosted by a geek very like me, (so similar as to be indistuingous), so it's very welcome and is an interesting addition to the field of post WWII ukulele production

The Keith Urban Tenor is big! That is it has a bigger body than most Tenor and thankfully came with it's own gig bag, because it's to big for a standard one. Strangely for the size of body, the tone is a little lacking in bass, but apart from that it quite nice for a laminate. speaking of laminate, the ash top is quite pretty and the overall build is very nice, I just wish it had a better name.