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Something old, something new...

posted 24 Apr 2018, 15:51 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 30 May 2018, 14:34 ]
Talina SW-21
AG Nukulele
And something I have come across before, but it was such a bargain I thought "what the heck"!
The old Ukulele is coming from the US and was made in the 1920's in St. Charles, Illinois. It is one of Globe Musical instruments most seminal Ukuleles the "Trufret". The reason it was seminal is because it came with a one piece metal fret board that included built in frets This was, I believe , the first Ukulele to do this and so is the forerunner to all of the Harmony and Kay, el at, plastic fret boards of the 50's, and the MFC types of today.

the new Ukulele is for some reason coming from Germany via the US and originally China? What it is a solid flame maple soprano with proper wood rope binding, branded as Talina by the US importer ( and then sold on to a German re seller, (maybe because UkuleleWorld has shut down?). I know that it was originally made in China by Samwill Ukulele and Mandolin Co. and that they make damn fine Ukuleles! I know this because my Samwill pacific walnut Soprano is one of my very favourites, for looks, tone and quality of manufacture. Though this one is the same basic design the walnut one is very dark and this one is much lighter

The Ukulele I have come across before is a bottle shaped Soprano Nukulele. Like the Samwill I do already have one but this doesn't have the quality or the tone; it is basically a novelty Ukulele. Well this one is a different one of the six designs they came with and at the price it was I just couldn't go past it. I will look great on the side with the one I already have, and who knows maybe I will collect all six?

They're Here

The Samwill is every bit as lovely, well made and tuneful as I had hoped. They really are good Ukuleles, (or Mandolins), if you get the chance.

The Trufret is spectacularly dirty, but apart from that, (and no strings), it is in fine shape with no age related structural or cosmetic issues.

The Nukulele is exactly as I expected which does mean no chips or scratches, (and that is important on a Ukulele that is there mainly to be looked at). I wonder what one I'll get next?