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Old and New...

posted 7 Jun 2019, 06:51 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 6 Jul 2019, 02:10 ]
ss maxwell chicago targ dinner Soprano
irun laminate walnut tenor
fishuku clownuku soprano

Thick and Fast. I'm winning a lot on eBay at the moment! (well that's not technically true, two of these, the SS Maxwell and the Irin Tenor, were buy it nows so I only won the Sidekick Banjolele and the Clownuku).

They're Here

and the Irin Tenor is much, much better that its price would imply. The Clownuku too is good for the money. The sidekick is perfectly reasonable and the SS Maxwell once again show's that US budget QC was far worse that the current Chinese QC (but apart from the obvious cosmetic issue it's OK)