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Not sitting on my Laurals

posted 18 Sep 2018, 08:39 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 17 Oct 2018, 16:25 ]
Harmony Montgomery Ward Airline mw red soprano Ukulele
Chinese Caramel acacia koa solid baritone Ukulele

Though perhaps I should after all that I have just got?...


What I have now invited is a 1950's/60's very red Airline Ukulele made by Harmony and sold by Montgomery Ward. it's going to give me trouble in customs because the postage was to high (USPS rate) and the seller wouldn't use ebay international shipping, so I will probably eventually have to collect it from the post office

And a Rubin Commerce & Trade Co. solid acacia acoustic electric Baritone branded Caramel that was reduced to an irresistible, (to me), bargain price because there are some cosmetic marks from the photo of them they don't look much and the wood does look nice

They're Here!

Another wadge in import tax for the Airline but now its here I don't care; it's lovely! Very red but lovely. Barely a scratch on it, it looks almost new, though I know it's a good 50+ years old
I hope the Caramel looks as good in 50 years because it looks lovely now. I can't even find the marks it was reduced in price for?  Lovely solid koa, very mellow tone, feels wonderful, smells wonderful. The built in tuner was a bit of a faff to get working, but now it does its very handy; with the strings being new and still stretching. I didn't have to pay any import tax on this one? I don't know what they put on the customs forms to achieve this but it works