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Normal didn't last long!!

posted 4 Mar 2017, 07:02 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 10 Mar 2017, 10:03 ]
Traben Array Ltd.4 Bass
Tanglewood Tomkat Semi-Hollow Guitar
Blue Moon BM05 Mandola
Only until the next big auction, in fact not even that long as before that I was on ebay and saw the Traben Array 4 bass for what I thought was a bit of a bargain price with just over an hour left. Now I like the Traben BIG Bridges (its suppose to be one of their selling points and increase tone and sustain; but this is a bit moot according to reviews?), especially the Array with its big shiny, flamelike bridge, (you know me, I like anything shiny especially if its big and shiny) so I bid the  next increment expecting to be automatically outbid; I wasn't! Still all the bidding happens in the last minute, it will go up to a more sensible price and I'll be outbid then; I wasn't!!
Next day, the auction, 26 Guitars plus some amps, (now I really need a Bass combo, the Fender doesn't like it at all when I put a bass through it), and a good drum kit, (yes I looked at coming out of retirement!!!)
Most of the Guitars and amps; and the drumkit, (so I'm still retired), turned down my invitation to Ukulele Corner incorporating the Pony Guitar Sanctuary But not all. What is coming is a semi-hollow Tanglewood TomKat TE6JH from about 2000, (now discontinued) and a Gremlin Blue Moon BM05 Mandola with a solid spruce top, (it's possibly made by Hora and also discontinued

They're Here!

And they are all very lovely. The Mandola is Chinese made so it not from Hora so I don't know if its solid top or laminate? It doesn't really matter though it sounds good and the extra size makes it a lot easier for me to play than the Mandolins with their tiny fretboards. I think this will be the one that I learn to play the mandolin on. it also came with a good gigbag that will take any of my Banjoleles if I need it to; which is handy
The Traban is definitely quality, great electrics great spalt maple veneer but it is a big bass with a great BIG shiny bridge. Good job I have that Bass combo at the moment though, because this can seriously rumble!
The TomKat on the other hand seems quite small for a Guitar? Maybe because I have been playing all of those big Archtops recently? what is certainly the case, and this is something I read in the reviews, it is very light for a guitar. I'm not convinced yet about the whammy bar, it seams a little flimsy after the Bigsby on the WildKat. I can't judge too much at the moment though as it badly needs new stings, (if nothing else there is only 5 of them). It also needs a good clean, (as does the Mandola but the Traban is not too bad), so I'll strip off the old strings give it a good clean and put a new set on then fire it up and see if the whammy bar does perform