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No mistake this time

posted 6 Apr 2019, 06:16 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 12 Apr 2019, 08:14 ]
Another auction and this time I put a very low opening bid in.
They accepted it and no-one bid against me, (well I tried in my excitement but the software ignored me), so two more interesting little darlings are on the way to Ukulele Corner. The auctioneer had listed them as two 1950's Ukuleles but I could see, with the bar frets, that at least the natural one was a lot earlier possibly early 30's but more likely 1920's and the bridge says German or British made. The more colourful one has a bridge that reminds me of an early Chicago model but I don't recognise the pattern and I doubt it is American. Hopefully I will know more when they get here.

They're Here!!

and sadly they are in a lot worse shape than I thought, its a good job they were cheap. The colourful one has a big crack on the soundboard and some rather bizarre home made push tuners, but it also has a bag of old push tuners with it, two sets of 3 tuners and a set of two tuners. The tuners don't really matter though as I would replace them with a new set of  friction tuners anyway, it just the crack. The natural one is in really poor shape, not only does it have two big cracks on the sound board but its neck is loose so its lost the 12th fret and its also lost the 4th fret too. Then pretty much every seem is splitting, front, back even the tail seam! I hope the Ukulele Doctor is up for this; and although they are a matching set I would still like to replace the push tuners. There is also no clue as to who made them either, the colourful headstock is blank so it's not one of the U.S. suspects but I've not seen European ones coloured like this before? The bracing on both of them look very similar, even if nothing else does, so I suspect they were produced at the same factory and that the natural one was the better quality of the two when new, and with no sign of Foreign Made anywhere on either its likely they were made in an English Factory