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More departures

posted 6 Apr 2019, 09:08 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Apr 2019, 05:16 ]
Keech type A Banjulele
Hohner Arbor
The Keech came from an auction as one of a pair of banjoleles with the Broadcaster. I already had a Keech type A at Ukulele Corner, But I wanted a Broadcaster so I know one of the Keeches would have to move on. The one that was already here is more original than this one, with original tuners and an original, albeit "slightly distressed? road worn? whatever finish so this one only had a brief stay. It was a very nice example though and now I'm sure it will grace someone else's collection.

The Hohner Arbor series Strat also came from an auction, but this time it was part of a pair of electric guitars with the Starcaster, and again I was bidding mainly on the Starcaster, (but I was thinking it was a proper Fender Starcaster and not a Starcaster by Fender Strat copy; but that another story) As it is this is probably the better of the two guitars but with those far eastern, (one is Chinese the other Japanese), glyphs I never really warmed to the look of the thing, whereas I loved the sparkly perloid pickguard and the big headstock of the Starcaster, (and when all is said and done, while it might not be a proper Stratocaster, it is a proper Fender; and less common than a Squire). This one has been at Ukulele corner a while now, long enough to be one of the founder guitars of the Pony Guitar Sanctuary, But like the Keech; and even more so the Powerplay before it, I don't need two Strat copies so one had to move on and I'm sure this too with grace someone else's collection.