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Maybe I should steer clear of "Buy it Now"?

posted 13 Feb 2017, 08:42 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 16 Feb 2017, 17:04 ]
Jolli Joe the UK Uke
GH&S Sunburst Soprano
But where would the fun be in that? and in the first instance it wasn't a buy it now anyway it was me following up on my Jolli Joe project of a couple of months ago. Like I said at the time, "once it arrived it was certainly going to be a project! But with a new tuner button, (to replace the missing one), a bridge and some strings I could certainly make it playable again. I still think I may have to get a second one for parts - or use this one for parts if the second one is better. (It really is a great case though)".

Two months later and another one came up at a reasonable, (equally, if not more so bargain), price. This one had everything, (well not the case), resonator all the brackets, all the tuners even a bridge and strings. The down side was it was "collection only" and the other side of the country. Well I have had sellers recently say collection only was a mistake and they were willing to post so I wrote and asked; and the seller said yes he would post. He didn't change the listing though so no one else bid and now it has been posted to Ukulele Corner. It looks pretty perfect and won't need any spare parts from the first one but the one oddity is the red fretboard. I have never seen a Jolli Joe with a red fretboard before so this might be some aftermarket work? the effect is quite striking though so unless I have to I will leave it red. There was no case this time though and like I said the case is rarer than the Banjolele so if nothing else it was worth getting the first one for the case

Because it was listed as collection only there was no price for postage so the seller was going to invoice me separately through paypal for that and in looking on ebay for this invoice a new "Buy it Now" listing was brought to my attention presumably because this like the Jolli Joe had postage free in the listing, (in this case it was postage included and no issue of whether I had to collect or not). What it is is an unbranded vintage, probably British, certainly European somewhere, sunburst Soprano in very good, (from the photos and description), condition. The buy it now price was very reasonable (again read bargain). Reasonable enough that even though there was a make an offer option I didn't quibble and paid the full asking price. It's almost certainly from the 30's, (the only doubt in my mind is it looks in such good condition, and with no case, it looks newer) and from the headstock and bridge I was thinking George Houghton though the sunburst finish makes me think of Dallas and maybe continental? Possibly I will find out more when it gets here but wherever it comes from it, and the second Jolli Joe, are very welcome at Ukulele Corner

They're Here!

And the Jolli Joe is missing two brackets; I wonder where I can get replacements from? I know, my other Jolli Joe! Apart from that it is pretty much as good as I hoped it would be, the bridge, which looks old enough to be original, has a bit too much wear in the string slots to work properly but I can sand down the top and put on fresh new slots. the colourful finish may not be original but it was done a long time ago and has been done very well. It nicely and evenly coloured with no flaking or yellowing and developed a good patina. The only thing I have seen so far that gives away that it is aftermarket is the black paint, (the headstock front has been coloured black), encroaching on the edge of the logo plaque. The string though pretty new are rather stretchy nylon and I will probably replace them once I have done the bridge.

And the unlabeled sunburst one is a small Concert with a scale length of 360mm (14¼ inches) rather than a Soprano, even given the fact that I don't think it is the original bridge, (It looks newer and there is a fair amount of glue around it), the nut to 12th fret length bears out this should be the scale length. Now its here I am leaning more towards Barnett Samuel being the maker though because its not the original bridge identification is harder. It does look to have been of a reasonable quality when it was made though, with a good original nut, a good seperate fretboard, (and brass bar frets suggesting it might even date back to the 20's?) the tuners are original too (though a couple of screws have been replaced; probably when the bridge was done) and at that vintage only good models had friction tuners and not wooden pegs. Again the nylon strings that are on it are pretty naff and I should probably replace them too.

And not only are they here but...

Eleuke BCP-T steel strung Baritone
This turned up in the post this morning too!!

Bugsgear had suggested to me they might like me to review one of their new Bluetooth Eleukes. I, of course , said "yes I would love too" but heard nothing more until this arrived. Its the new Eleuke BCP-T steel strung, 490mm (19 inch) scale, solid body Baritone. Now I have needed(?) a solid body electric Ukulele for my collection for some time now as I didn't have anything like that; I was even contemplating commissioning one, and as its steel strung that is also new for the Corner, (I have steel strung Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors but no Baritone - until now)

Now its here I shall certainly review it thoroughly and my first impressions are it looks like a nice piece of kit but the factory setup it well off so I will have to set it up properly, (they have included hex allen keys for this purpose) and the case is SERIOUSLY padded (at least twice as thick as they normally are)