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I've said it before, but its still true

posted 12 Sep 2018, 17:09 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 6 Oct 2018, 02:11 ]
I can resist anything except temptation; and good old GH are holding one of their big Guitar auctions again...
1983 Aria Pro II ZZB Deluxe
AXL Tiger pro 6 string bass
Danelectro U2 reissue guitar
Parker Fly Dias 1994
kay univox matsumoto effector guitar
Fender Stratacoustic acoustic electric strat guitar china
c F Martin backpacker travel guitar

So there's
  • a 1983 Aria Pro ll ZZB Deluxe Bass
  • an AXL Tiger 6 string Bass
  • a reissue Danelectro U2 electric Guitar
  • a 1994 Dias Fly electric Guitar
  • a '70's Univox Effector electric Guitar with built in effects
  • a Fender Stratacoustic acoustic electric Guitar
  • a C.F.Martin Backpacker acoustic travel Guitar

  • And that's just the first day!!

  • Second Day, and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I didn't get the Roland Drum Kit, the Vox AC4, the Hiscox Guitar case, the Electro-Harmonix Vocoder or an number of other useful things I would have liked

    What I did get though was
  • an acoustic Guitar Hard Case
  • a job lot of A-frame Guitar stands and gig bags, (I wanted the stands)
  • a Line6 Pod ll Guitar effects box
  • a Danelectro Dan-Echo effects pedal

  • Ozark chinese made celtic bouzouki octave mandolin
    Stentor Ozark chinese celtic mandola
    Vincent tatay tomas spanish bandurra
    gremlin blue moon chinese cuatro puerto rico
    Ibanez 513 mandolin
    bowl back round mandolin scroll headstock
    cremona Mando
    Canary islands timple
    The final Third day and I got...

    A LARGE bill for the first two days!!

    But the good stuff
  • an Ozark Celtic electro-acoustic Bouzouki
  • an Ozark Celtic Mandola
  • a Vincente Tatay Tomas Spanish Bandurria
  • a Blue Moon Puerto Rican Cuatro
  • an Ibanez model 513(?) Mandolin
  • a German Scroll Top Mandolin
  • a Cremona flat backed Mandolin
  • a Timple (these last 3 were a job lot and I was bidding mainly for the Timple)

  • So no Ukuleles, (I did go after one but it was part of another job lot and going for pretty much what a new one would have cost and I really wasn't interested in the ½ size Classical Guitar that came with it either), but there are lots of interesting other chordophones, and I'm already enjoying researching some of them. What I have to do now is go and collect them, (I hope they all fit in my car!)

    It was a squeeze but They're Here!!!