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I've been a bit silly again

posted 22 Sep 2018, 17:36 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 11 Nov 2018, 16:19 ]
Eikosha Artisan Jazz Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Cruiser by crafter rv800 flyinf vee at Ukulele Corner
chinese wesley plastic acrylic Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Yamaha RBX200 fluorescent fretless Bass at Ukulele Corner
classic cantabile acoustic bass at Ukulele Corner
Wesley 5 string Bass Guitar at Ukulele Corner
Tanglewood elfin mini bass uke at Ukulele Corner
Another big Guitar Auction another loooong journey to collect what I invited starting with the one on the right, the one I was initially after. 

The Tanglewood "Elfin" 19½in scale Uke Bass, (well its the right size for a Uke Bass even if it was never marketed as such, (I'm not sure if it is tuned an octave up from a full sized Bass or if it has special strings?)

Next is the Purple Acrylic Wesley 5 string bass

After that, the Classic Cantabile acoustic electric Bass

Then the dayglo pink  fretless Yamaha RBX200 Bass

Onto the 6 string Guitars starting with the Wesley translucent acrylic LP

The Cruiser by crafter  RV800

And finally the Ekoshia Artisan archtop acoustic fitted, (with duct tape from the photo), piezo pickup

They're Here!!

And I have learned that acrylic slabs are probably heavier than wood, certainly the LP is heavier than a solid wooden one.

The dayglo pink on the Yamaha is aftermarket and not spectacularly applied. (still love the colour though), It also has a knob missing and maybe the whole pot needs to be replaced?

The Elfin doesn't sound like it is an octave higher than a normal Bass

That mic badly needed to come out of the Artisan, along with all of the baffle crap that was put in but once cleaned up it is a nice guitar

In fact they are all very nice guitars and I love them all