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It's OK but I should perhaps have done better?

posted 16 Jun 2018, 15:55 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 15 Jul 2018, 07:19 ]
Fairie Queen
11 fret spanish
JHS Falcon FG100R
There were a number of Guitar and other musical instruments auctions over the weekend including a big two day one that I managed to miss the first day of, and looking back at what some of the lots went for that is why I say I should have done better. I also managed to miss a Kumalae Ukulele in another auction when I was called away 10 lots before it came up and didn't get back until seven lots after!!

What I have managed to invite though, (and some of the pictures are pretty awful so I am not 100% on the quality), are a nice pearloid John Grey Banjolele; it doesn't say "Faerie Queen" on it and I don't know if the resonator is covered in pearloid or not, (no pictures of the back and too late to ask), but I believe, if it is one of Barnett Samuel's entries into the "Great Pearloid War" this is what it was called.

Then in a different auction I saw a pre civil war Spanish 11 fret Ukulele the auctioneer didn't even know it was a Ukulele so I got no more information than the crappy picture, I'm hoping it's a Jose Benedid but more likely its a Manuel Lopez. The Ukulele was in a job lot with a JHS Falcon redburst dreadnought Acoustic Guitar that appears to be in need of a good clean.

They're here!

I drove out to collect the job lot but got a bit lost on the way and decided to have the banjolele shipped to me rather than get lost again. When it arrived I found that it does have a pearloid resonator; and the hoop is all covered in pearloid too. there is no doubt it is the same as the Faerie Queen, same headstock, same tailpiece, 8 brackets, it just doesn't appear to have ever had the Faerie Queen plaque above the John Grey one? As well as the possibly missing plaque, there is a definitely missing tuner button and I am not sure I can match it so I may decide to replace the lot?

I have removed the strings and cleaned up the Falcon and it does look a lot better clean. I have also removed the old gut strings from the Ukulele and that looks a lot better too. I have compared it to pictures of Manuel Lopez Ukuleles and the one picture of a Benedid Ukulele that I have and it does look more like the Benedid picture than the Lopez pictures so I'm going to go with that until anythig comes up to change my mind.