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It's not a Hurricane or even a Gale

posted 11 Jan 2020, 13:19 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Feb 2020, 16:52 ]
strong wind composer guitalele at ukulele corner
strong wind composer guitalele at ukulele corner
But it is a Strong Wind!

One of my favorite "eh what!!?!?" Chinese brandings and I'm fairly sure its from the same maker as the Peavey Composer range

Well it's turned up,

Or rather it hasn't, A completely different model Guitalele has turned up and it might be a Strong Wind but they have followed through because its a piece of shit! I'm sending it back

I've got a full refund

But the owner doesn't appear to want me to send it back. I may well donate it to a charity shop; it really is a piece of shit!! 
What I received is on the left, (what I ordered is on the right). The cedar top is really just staining, well really more like painting, there is no attempt at pretending there is a grain pattern, on a MDF body. And it's not even good paint, it's thick and cheap and looks like it ought to be sticky to the touch, (it isn't but...) It's not particularly well painted either, and all of the components are poor quality too, nasty steel strings that have cut into the plastic saddle that obviously is not meant for steel string,s. The saddle way to high too and doesn't fit properly into it slot in the bridge. I could go on but really all I should say is this is the kind of crap that gives Chinese Ukuleles a bad name.

And now it's off

having got the refund and confirmed I don't have to send it back, I put it on ebay with a 99p start, (well realistically that's at least a pound more than it's worth). Not only did someone want it, more than one person bid so I got more than 99p!! And most importantly I got it out on Ukulele Corner