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I'm paying for Brexit now

posted 12 Feb 2017, 07:38 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 18 Mar 2017, 07:48 ]
P'MICo Collegiate "Waterskiers" Soprano
And I wanted, (like every sensible person), to remain in the EU!!
Why am I paying? Well I saw this lovely and colourful 1930's Harmony made Waterskiers stencil Soprano branded by P'MICo as a Collegiate with a very reasonable "Buy It Now" price in US$. Very reasonable in dollars but the post brexit pound is so weak against the dollar that it's now some 30% more expensive than it would have been but for all of those xenophobic, jingoistic idiots who can't see past their own bigotry!

Anyway enough common sense; it is by far the most colourful example I have seen and I have invited, (bought) it now even if it has had the bridge reattached rather crudely and its on its way to Ukulele Corner escaping the Trump supporting, KKK endorsing, misogynistic, narrow minded, bombastic, proud of their own ignorance, halfwits from across the pond. Sadly only to be met by the petty, small minded, equally "proud" halfwits from around here (Ukulele Corner is still a safe and sensible Corner though)

It's Here

and its every bit as colourful as the picture. Yes the bridge has been reattached and then painted over with some much more matt black paint than the rest of the body so particularly in the right light it is rather visibly different. Sadly the fretboard is not pearloid but just painted silvery grey, but the paintwork here is effective and I do love the little painted fret markers And also unfortunate is the back has a few scratches, including some previous custodian scratching "Miami Fla. 1939" ,and there is a couple of, what looks like small off white paint blobs too. Structurally it is perfect though, no cracks, no seam separation, solid neck, good authentic working tuners and all the frets in place with no need for dressing, (Clearly it hasn't spent that much time in Florida) all of the P'MICo. branding on it is perfect too and I haven't invited anything from the P'MICo catalogue to Ukulele Corner before so this is nice. It has arrived with three of it's, if not original pretty old, gut strings on. I'm no fan of gut strings, not for authenticity, not for playing, (and certainly not boiled up for tea!) so I will have them off and a set of fluorocarbons on before it gets very much older.

Ok so I've looked a little closer now while I gave it a good clean and wax before restringing and photographing it and there is a little seam separation with the back at the base, but it doesn't look like it will be much of an issue to reglue

BL&F Pennant Soprano with perloid fretboard
Regal Stencil Soprano
What may be more of an issue though is while doing the feedback for the seller I discovered that his is some kind of dealer in vintage Ukuleles and that he has a number more on ebay as buy it now at a reasonably price (well some of them are a bit steep but others are good) and a very reasonable postage cost as well. So reasonable in fact that I thought I would put an offer in for another one, only this time I made a point of offering under the import tax threshold. As I'm now a "good" customer he accepted the offer and now a Barth, Lutchen and Feinberg Pennant Soprano Ukulele is going over Trumpety Trumps wall and coming to Ukulele Corner. And this one definitely does have a perloid fretboard.
We then had an email discussion about lowering the price on the Pennant and how I like some of the other ones he had for sale, particularly a stencil painted Regal and a couple of days later he dropped the price so I would be under the import tax threshold if I invited it; so how could I not? He also put a number of other nice experienced American Ukuleles up for sale, so watch this space...

It's Here..

Well the Pennant anyway and its a little more beat up than I'd hoped with some seams going, a small crack on the top and a couple of small cracks on the bottom, plus a chunk of the bridge has gone and this is going to make it hard to put an A string on. Oh and the 12th fret has gone too. Still with the nice perloid headstock and fretboard, and all of the nice decals, front and back, it is very decorative and it has always been invited here for it's decorative merits rather than as a great player. The Regal is here now too. and it's quite a fatty when I tried putting it in a case. This one is in better condition than the Pennant, but doesn't have any tuners or a nut, (I knew about the tuners but not the nut). I have a set of cream button friction tuners that go quite nicely so I've fitted them but I don't have a nut that I can use , and when I looked online for a replacement, I couldn't find anything appropriate so a new one will have to me made