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I know I said no more Plastic Ukuleles

posted 23 Mar 2018, 16:15 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 7 Apr 2018, 14:49 ]
Lapin Happy Tunes plastic Soprano
But for a complete collection there are some of the rarer models I should invite, Things like the Maccaferri Baritone, the Islander Deluxe, The Harmony Modern Bali, any of the Grecos, the Lapin Happy Tunes and so on, so the truth is I will invite more plastic Ukuleles if they are good, but I can scratch the Lapin Happy Tunes from the list because it has accepted my invitation and is on the way. When I first saw it on ebay, it was being offered at a ridiculous opening price, but never having seen one for sale before I watched it to see if it was me that was wrong in my appraisal and not the seller? Well it went through the auction with not a bid so it appeared I was right, and then the seller relisted it starting at a sixth the original starting price for the auction or a "buy it now" price at a quarter the original price. This time I was set to bid until I decided the "buy it now" price was about right so I sent out the invitation.

It's Here!

and it is in immaculate condition!! No cracks, no scratches, no bellying; the only issue is I don't think the tuners are original? But they are a good match and you only really notice it if you look closely and see the cross head screws in them. It also sounds a lot better than most plastic Ukuleles too, contemporary or modern, so with this and the build quality this was never a "toy" like the Carnivals or all of the other Lapin made Ukuleles I've seen