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I didn't quite get them all

posted 9 May 2019, 16:13 by Lardy Fatboy   [ updated 1 Jun 2019, 13:21 ]
BC Rich Warbeast
BC Rich Warbeast
BC Rich Warbeast
And it is the case that I am definitely a vintage Ukulele dealer now because I have no excuses I bought at least two of these Kumalae type B's to sell (even if one it at cost to the Ukulele Doctor)
These were the three Kumalaes that I didn't by in the big auction last week. I thought someone else brought them but it transpires not and they were put into the next general auction at a reduced price so how could I say no? My first thought is that these were 3 type B's but in looking further I think the first one, as well as having a different headstock shape and logo, is one of Kumalae's original Mini Scale Ukuleles. If that is the case I'm definitely keeping it at Ukulele Corner These are very important in the history of Ukuleles and is one of the, if not the top of the list of Mini's I want!
The other two are definitely type B's and I do already have a type B at the corner so they they get here I will look at the three of them, keep the one I like best at Ukulele Corner and take the other two to the Ukulele Doctor. Now I know the second one has a crack in the back so he needs to have a look at it anyway but he says He would like one so I will let him have whichever he wants at cost and the one left without a home will be put up for sale. 

So that's it, I'm a dealer now if you are looking for a 20's 5K Martin or a 54 Gold Top Gibson you know where to come

They're Here!!

and they are all fine specimens. The odd one is not a Mini but it is an oddity it's not from the standard Kumalae catalogue and has a different headstock logo and rosette. My guess is it's either an early one or a late one with my best guess being its an early one. Whatever its very welcome and will stay a Ukulele Corner the other two will just be visitors for a few photos then they will be off to a new home elsewhere